Do you crave balance and dedicated time for what YOU want in your busy life?

My definition of a Life Coach is: an ally, an accountability buddy and a cheerleader on your journey of setting and achieving your goals.

Often what holds people back from starting their goals and what they want is fear.  Fear of failure, or even the fear of what your life will be like if you succeeded at achieving your true self.  My job is to be your support.  We'll tackle the fear, obstacle and self-doubt together!  With my experience and certification from the Health Coach Institute, I have the tools to help you create and maintain the life you want to lead.  

As a  Registered Massage Therapist of over 16 years and now a Health Habit and Personal Growth Coach, I've had a lot of opportunity to be involved as people grow.  One of my favourite parts of the job is seeing people change and making themselves a priority. 

I specialize in helping you find the balance between what you HAVE to do and what you WANT to do.  I show you the tools to say yes to yourself and find the time to make sure your needs are met.  If you aren't available for you, how can you be available for others?!

I want to help you become the best version of you!


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Discovery Session
A brief get-to-know-you session. This helps us both find out if we are a complementary fit and if my skills fit your goals. This can be done over the phone or in person over coffee
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Really great listener!

— Customer Review
Crys asks really great questions that make me think

— Customer Review
I'm only half way through but starting to feel more comfortable with myself

— Customer Review